Customer Reviews


We came to you guys because our camper that has been in the family forever has finally came to the end of its life due to a tree ending it. Ya smashed it down flat! We saw your trucks a few times in the park during our stay last year. The camper was amazing and the delivery driver was very professional. Right on time and only took him like 10 minutes to back it in and set it up. The layout was perfect and my whole family was impressed with it. We camp with a large group every year and we spent every night at our campsite so everyone walked through it and checked it out. We only use the camper for this family get together so I will be a lifetime renter from you. This is so much better and cheaper than owning one. My dad has already contacted you guys about purchasing this unit at the end of the season to replace his because my brother wants his. So this unit will be making family memories with this family for many, many years. My uncle said he may also be contacting you to purchace the other one that my cousin is using. Thanks again for everything


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Amazing service. I cannot thank you enough. I have been a camper my whole life and have been trying to get my girlfriend to go for a few years. She had no interest in even trying it. My mom and dad gave me your business card, so i went ahead and reserved one, to go on my families yearly trip to the Ludington State park. Lets just say my GF was not very happy about this. So she decided to go (after some serious nagging) and when you delivered it she was still not very happy. During the walkthrough you pointed out some nice options that put a smile on her face. The mattress was amazing, the DVD player was great during the rainstorm, the AC unit was great and the outdoor kitchen was amazing. She told me this was a great vacation and shes glad I pushed her into it. Thanks for everything guys, especially the cleaning person. It looked brand new.


We rented from another company last year and this experience with Camping Fever was night and day. The website was easy to understand, there was no hidden surprises, he lists all the prices, there are multiple floorplans/prices to choose from, the unit delivered was the unit we reserved (unlike the company we used last year), the unit looked/smelled brand new (unlike the company we used last year), we were allowed to use all the amenities in the camper and they all worked (unlike the company we used last year), the owner was quick at responding to all of our questions (unlike the company we used last year) and they even have a water truck to come fill our camper with fresh water and drain the sink/shower dirty water:) I cannot praise this company enough for the fantastic family vacation that they created for us. The owner (Tim) delivers the trailers himself and he even allowed my 2 kids help him open the sideouts (my kids thought that was so cool that they got to make the walls move open). We asked Tim why he doesn’t have more campers because he seems to always be booked up solid and he told us he’s been doing this since 2008 and he likes to keep the personal touch and if he grows to large that personal touch could be lost. (he also works a full time day job and runs a small lawncare company). Again I just wanted to say, Tim owns and operates an amazing company and that I was impressed with every aspect of it. Thanks again for everything. WE WILL BE BACK

Jerry, Pam and Kids

If your looking for a great, relaxing family vacation, look no further. Camping fever was the perfect choice. They delivered the camper on time, it was all clean, it was set up very quickly and the delivery driver did a complete walkthrough with us. We asked alot of questions because it was our first time ever staying in a camper and he explained everything to us. We still didn’t understand the tank level monitors because the toilet one showed 3/4 full but the driver said it is empty, He explained that the level for the toilet shows wrong alot because toilet paper gets stuck on the sensors. After asking our other family campers about this, they laughed and said all of theirs misread the toilet levels. That was the only thing we were worried about but after talking to everyone about it, they all said its a common problem. We will be using you guys again and thanks for hanging around and answering all of our silly questions

Melissa and Brian

Great experience! We will be back. We owned a travel trailer for many years but this experience was great for us and people who don’t have their own trailers. We were contemplating on getting another camper but now we will just use your rental service and not have to worry about hauling or storing. We only camp in Ludington so it is perfect for us

Diane & Ken

Thanks again! We had a wonderful time. The trailer was perfect for our family needs. We love that we can bring our 2 dogs on vacation with us. I do recommend you to people who are in need of a rental that includes pets.

Jeff & Sue

Very fun and easy camping trip! Spacious, clean and very nice to have AC and hot water while camping!

Nick, Kristin and Zoey

I have been able to compare your company to the competition and here is my assessment: #1 You take better care of your customers- Also the campers are completely clean upon arrival. #2 Communication- You Emailed & Texted me many times providing complete information regarding all details of the rental process and camper. #3 Customer Service- This is were you really thrive!! You handled a very unique situation (a storm that lead to a multi-day power outage) Fantastically, you showed up to make sure we were OK (without us calling you) and to charge and change our battery to ensure we had refrigerator power and to make sure we were maintaining a good rental experience. You operate your business very well! (Excellent!!)


I’ve been camping 60 years- This is the greatest! Thanks for making it easy


Tim has been so easy to reach with questions & we so appreciate that. Camping has never been so easy


Great experience renting from you! Loved the unit with the bunks for the kids. Trailer was exceptionally clean and well set-up. Overall one of our best rental experiences. Thank you!


So we had lots of issues with you guys. The camper wasn’t good, it was great. The service wasn’t good, it was great. The communication wasn’t good, it was great. The delivery wasn’t good, it was great. We were very, very concerned about renting a camper. We heard and read about horror stories about renting campers. We were talking about everything that could happen when the camper shows up. Will it show up, will it be a POS, will it smell bad, will it be dirty and the list goes on. Tim was 2 minutes early delivering it, it looked brand spanking new on the outside, he backed it in on the first try and had it setup in no time. The inside looked like its never been used and no bad smells. You guys KILL at this business. We were overly impressed with absolutely everything. I cant thank you guys enough for the perfect getaway.

Sarah and Jack

Thank-you so much. The #1 draw for us was pet friendly and setup. The memory foam mattress was amazing. the camper was spotless when we arrived:). Thank-you again for helping us make family memories.


We had a great time and the camper was the perfect size for our family. We hope to rent it again next year


SUPER CLEAN! Felt like a new camper! At delivery, everything was explained (this was nice because it was my first time in a camper!) The camper was roomy and cozy all at one- we loved our stay. The included bin had all the items needed for making simple meals (Plates, bowls, Utensils, ect). Cleaning was top notch! No weird smells or harsh cleaning smells


Tim was a pleasure to work with, from immediate response when booking, timely delivery and thorough explanation of the immaculate camper. We had a fantastic week at the Ludington State Park. Stress free with this camper rental


Excellent Service. We have rented from Tim for years and have been completely impressed every year. We cant wait for next years rental


Trailer was in very clean condition. We were Pleasantly please with the overall camping experience. I would definitely refer this to any friends


By far one of my best vacations of my life. everything was perfect all week. The weather was always sunny, the camper was amazing and the State park was beautiful. We normally stay in hotels but the camper rental is the way to go. Tim helped make our family memories this year and we will be back next year for another amazing camping adventure.


Great trailer! Still had that new trailer smell. Loved the second door leading to the bathroom, great for my young children to quickly use. Also worked amazing for having a sleeping baby as another entrance. Great customer service, super flexible with the drop off time and great communication! We will be renting again next year!


Best customer service. Set-up & Pickup were perfect! Effortless on our part!! Tim did it all


Great Experience once again. Easy to book, always on time and most importantly, very clean. We are a repeat customer and will be renting again next season

Nate & Erin

Great customer service. Very clean. Makes camping convenient and easy


Great Experience! Very Friendly and easy to work with! The unit was perfect and made camping much easier- especially with a toddler! Already I have highly recommended it to several people who have asked about it. We are forever customers. Tim is super informative and always goes above and beyond our expectations. Best customer service I have ever dealt with


Dear Tim & Family, We can’t thank you enough for the Exceptional customer service and amazing camper we rented for our stay at the Ludington State Park. When a crazy work schedule prevented the prep time needed to tow our 1967 popup from Ohio, I feared we would have to cancel our trip. I found you online and although there were other options to consider in camper rentals, I was drawn to your easy to navigate website and quick responsiveness to my emails and calls. The delivery was on time as promised and you provided a thorough rundown of the campers features. I was truly amazed at how clean the camper was, it looked brand new. We promoted you throughout our entire stay and cant wait to rent from you again. Thanks for saving our vacation and giving us a stress-free trip.

Mellisa & Margie

Everything was awesome. We have recommended this camper to several other families and look forward to renting again next year. The cleanliness and customer service was amazing. I wish that more companies would be run, like you run yours. Only downfall is you are always booked-up:)


I have booked with you for 3 years now and each time it gets better. You guys are awesome!! I would refer you to anyone. Thank you for everything


Great Price. Our friends also rented a camper this week from (another company) and payed $200 more. Your camper came fully stocked and theirs did not. Yours was clean and well, theirs was NOT!! We (our friends and us) compared our experiences over dinner our final night and your company won hands down. The customer service is amazing, the campers are super clean (inside and outside), everything we needed the camper came with, everything functioned properly. We were very pleased:) Keep up the great work


We have Rented from you guys for the last couple of years and it has been a great experience every-time but we have decided to buy a trailer this fall for our retirement traveling plans. But the good news is we are buying this trailer and we already talked to Tim about it. These trailers are amazingly clean and well cared for. The price is thousands of dollars cheaper than the Dealerships and we are very familiar with this unit because we have used it the last 2 seasons. So we will be seeing you guys again in about a month to pickup our new retirement present. Thanks again for offering the services you do and for helping us get into the next stage of our life. The Grandkids are so excited.

Megan and Dan

We had a great time & this camper was perfect for us- clean, spacious and comfortable. It definitely enhanced our camping experience and we are already talking about renting it next year. You guys are really friendly & helpful too.


One of the best vacation experience our family has ever had. It was such a great experience and an amazing camper that we decided we want to purchase it at the end of your season. You guys are the best. Customer service is 5 Stars plus. We cant thank you enough for this opportunity.

Sue and Joe

This is our 2nd season renting from Tim & Sarah (The owners of The camper and personal service is outstanding. Since I’m a clean freak- I’m so pleased to find them with the same high standards. In the past I rented from (another company) based in Ludington & would never rent from them again. With Camping Fever we’ll be back for Next season


Cant say enough on this small comment card. We have rented campers for the past few years, throughout the country and I must say you dominate the market. You have by far the best customer service, the newest units, the largest floor plan options, the most competitive pricing and PET FRIENDLY. All I can say is WOW! Thanks for everything from the initial booking to the final pickup. You run a fantastic company, no surprises. everything was exactly as it was listed/promised. Cant wait to rent again with you next year. Ludington is such an amazing town, the state park is so peaceful and the local people are so friendly.

Jane, Bill and Family

Excellent service! Very flexible on times. Very helpful with the explanations and instructions for first time RV Campers. The camper was very comfortable and clean- our expectations were exceeded


We had Tim come out to the Ludington State Park twice during our two week stay to fill our fresh water tank and to empty our grey water tanks. We never knew this service was available until we saw him filling up another trailer next to us. We used to have to take the trailer to the dump station multiple times during our stay to do this but it was always a pain. Now we just contact Camping Fever the day before we need water and Tim comes out to take care of it. $40 for this service was well worth it, as we were on vacation and just want to relax. Tim was very Professional every time we saw him in the park (pretty much every day). He even gave us some input on an issue we had and showed us how to fix the issue. Cant say enough about Camping Fever. Its an A++++ Company

Mark & Debbie

Thanks a million for doing our winterization this year. We have had (another company) do it for the last couple of years and it was twice as much as you charge and you did more than they did. They never blew out the lines prior to running the antifreeze, They never offered to lube the seals and slide-out, They never offered to lube our locks, they never wiped down the sinks or bathtub. My husband loved the WD-40 trick on the water heater. We have never met Tim (the owner) but have heard a-lot of positive feedback on his work ethic/work quality and it was all correct. He walked my husband through the entire process “which made the process a-lot longer for him” because my husband thought he may want to do it. But after Tim was done, my husband decided it was just easier to have Camping Fever take care of it. I already talked to some of our fellow campers who didn’t know that you offered this service but they will now be calling you for the winterizations and spring tune ups “some already have:)” Keep up the great work and hope you find the shop you have been searching for to expand your operation.

Sharron and Bill

We had Tim do a check of our roof during his winterization to look at all of the caulking and seams. He found a couple of areas that needed to be caulked and he took care of that. I’m glad we had him do it because the one area was starting to cause rot. You guys have been great and we will see you next season. 

Sara and Steve

Tim was very helpful, professional and friendly. We had a great trip! Our RV unit was well kept and like new. We would definitely rent from Camping Fever again!