Sealtech Leak Detection

The absolute best way to find leaks in a camper. The TEST takes about 1-2 hours to complete. This Machine creates positive pressure inside the unit, then soapy water is sprayed on the exterior and anywhere there is a leak, bubbles will form.


$125.00 Travel Travel with no slideouts 
$150.00 Travel Trailer with slideouts 
$175.00 for 5th Wheel Trailers
$30.00 service call if I come to you. 
(I only offer this service in the Ludington area for this season)
If a vent cover is covering the vent, an extra $20 fee
is added for removal and re-installation after the test. 
Alot of customers record the test and re-caulk the unit themselves
RESEALING COST: Labor cost for resealing is $95/hour plus the cost of caulk ($12 to $15 per tube)